Guardianship and Conservatorship

Arizona guardianship and conservatorship

Arizona guardianships and conservatorships are safeguards created by the law to protect impaired individuals. Such impairments include disability, as well as the effects of aging. Guardians and conservators are designated to protect people who are not able to handle their own affairs, and an experienced attorney can be very helpful in showing the court that a guardianship or conservatorship is necessary.

Guardians, with approval from the court, act on behalf of a person who is no longer able to make medical decisions safely. Conservators, similarly, upon receiving the court’s approval, step in on behalf of someone who is no longer able to make financial decisions on their own.

The courts have the discretion to grant both guardians and conservators either limited or very broad authority. This is dependent on the particular situation. The court, when petitioned to create such a guardianship or conservatorship, considers if the individual is legally incapacitated, and whether the individual has already made arrangements for someone to handle their financial and medical needs.

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