Foster Parent Representation

Our team of attorneys is experienced in all aspects of foster care, and can represents foster parents who seek to adopt a child in their care, as well as help foster parents deal with licensing and credential issues.

In Arizona, there are a number of requirements to become a licensed foster parent, including being a U.S. and Arizona resident, being over 18 years of age, having a regular source of income, no felony convictions, and submitting to a home assessment and intake interview with all family members.

In addition, to become a foster parent, applicants must agree to attend parent training sessions, agree to in-home visits, have personal and professional references reviewed, and submit to CPS registry checks.

To learn more about how Joyce & Dubin, PLLC can help you fulfill your foster parent requirements for the state of Arizona, or for help as a current foster parent, contact our legal team today for more information.

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