Living Wills

arizona living wills and estate planning

Most of us do not like to consider our own end of life care. “I’m healthy. I still have time!” are often excuses we tell ourselves. Unfortunately, all too often it is when we least expect it that an accident or medical emergency can leave us incapacitated, in an irreversible coma, a vegetative state, or some other type of terminal condition. It is because of situations like these that a living will is of the utmost importance in outlining your decisions regarding end of life care.

Why do I need a living will?

Do you wish to be resuscitated in case of a heart attack? Do you want to be kept alive via a feeding tube if you are brain dead? If you are worried that your family members may not arrive at the same decisions you would, or if you want to spare your loved ones the agony of having to make heart breaking decisions such as “pulling the plug” in the first place, a living will document that clearly outlines your wishes for medical and end of life care is vital.

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