Advance Directives

Including advance directives in your comprehensive estate plan ensures that your wishes regarding healthcare, living wills, and powers of attorney are clearly outlined and implemented.


Have you ever considered who would make your health care decisions in case of an emergency or incapacitation? In a moment of crisis, medical emergency, or incapacitation, it is important to have a healthcare power of attorney prepared in advance in order to outline who you choose to make your medical decisions for you.

Living Wills

Most of us do not like to consider our own end of life care. “I’m healthy. I still have time!” are often excuses we tell ourselves. Unfortunately, all too often it is when we least expect it that an accident or medical emergency can leave us incapacitated, in an irreversible coma, a vegetative state, or some other type of terminal condition. It is because of situations like these that a living will is of the utmost importance in outlining your decisions regarding end of life care.

Powers of Attorney

There are different types of powers of attorney that allow you to choose an “agent” to deal with everything from your finances to your health care on your behalf. In addition, these powers of attorney can either be defined as a broad power of attorney or a limited power of attorney.

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