5 Quick AZ Adoption Tips

Are you considering becoming an adoptive parent? Did you know that in the state of Arizona any adult who is a state resident, whether single, married, or separated, can qualify to become an adoptive parent?

Here are 5 quick tips if you are considering adoption in Arizona.

  1. Complete a written application to become an adoptive parent.
  2. Consider what type of child you would like to adopt (gender, minimum and maximum age, disability level, etc.).
  3. Research and choose an adoption agency.
  4. Ensure you can prove to the court you are fit to adopt a child (provide social history, references, finances, etc.).
  5. Hire an adoption attorney who is experienced in the court system and knowledgable in Arizona adoption law to represent you throughout the adoption process.

To learn more about private adoption or DCS adoption, contact our legal team at Joyce & Dubin, PLLC to speak with one of our experienced adoption attorneys today.

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